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Building my business / How to use Shortcuts

Know your numbers and make more money

Do you shake in your boots when thinking about your business numbers? In this FREE webinar, we’ll chat about how you can learn to love and know your numbers and discuss everyone’s favourite topic: money!
Mar / 26 / 2018
Maria Winter
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Creating a dream team / How to use Shortcuts

How to build a successful team

Your team is a huge part of your success, but what does it take to build your very own A-Team? Whether you already have a solid team to back you up or you’re still working on finding the sweet spot, this webinar will show you the ropes to building your very own successful team, with the help of Shortcuts.
Feb / 26 / 2018
Kamy Tyson
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Set yourself up for a successful 2018

It's easy to start the year with the very best of intentions, but how often do your New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside come February? Make 2018 the year you stick to your goals! In this webinar, our Sales Manager Krystle shares her tips on fulfilling your resolutions using your Shortcuts system.
Jan / 29 / 2018
Krystle Day
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Building my business

Your guide to influencer marketing

Guest presenter, Danielle Lewis Co-Founder and CEO of Scrunch will be dishing up all of her knowledge on influencer marketing in this FREE webinar!
Nov / 28 / 2017
Danielle Lewis
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How to use Shortcuts

Customised Forms 101

In this webinar, we'll teach you all about our new feature, Customised Forms - a tool that enables you to build your own forms to collect consent and other important information, such as allergies, from your clients before their appointment.
Nov / 02 / 2017
Juliette Bender
shortcuts ask an educator
How to use Shortcuts

Ask an Educator

In this webinar, we turn the tables and ask you what you want to know about Shortcuts. Maybe you have a question about reporting, want to know more about stocktake, or want to find out how to grow your business.
Sep / 27 / 2017
Juliette Bender
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shortcuts software email receipts and email ordering
How to use Shortcuts

Email receipts and email ordering

Are you ready to cut paper waste, grow your database, reduce your admin costs, and do business more efficiently? Are you craving an easier way to keep your shelves stocked and make your salon, clinic, spa or barber shop eco-friendly? Learn how in this FREE webinar!
Aug / 29 / 2017
Kamy Tyson
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